Official website, Qinhuangdao Hospital of PLA Navy

Qinhuangdao Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy was established in 1964, and now it is located at No.333, Qinhuang East Street, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City. Through the joint efforts of several generations, it now has 200 medical beds and more than 200 medical staff, of whom more than 50% have middle and senior technical titles. After decades of construction and development, it has become a comprehensive hospital with large-scale X-ray machine, CT machine, ECG working platform, B-mode ultrasound, color ultrasound, rheoencephalogram, electronic gastroscope, enteroscopy and other examination equipment, various blood biochemical detectors, and andrology, gynecology and dermatology as the backbone departments. The address and related website resources of Qinhuangdao Hospital of PLA Navy in official website are as follows:

  • Official website, Qinhuangdao Hospital of PLA Navy





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