Hunan tuberculosis dispensary official website

Hunan Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Institute, Hunan Chest Hospital, and a hospital are public health institutions directly under the Hunan Provincial Health Department. Founded in 1953, it is located at the foot of Yuelu Mountain, a famous scenic spot in Changsha, close to West Lake Park, with elegant environment and beautiful scenery. Our institute (hospital) is responsible for the organization planning, supervision and evaluation, clinical diagnosis and treatment, scientific research, professional training and technical guidance of tuberculosis prevention and control in the whole province. It is Hunan Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Center, Hunan Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment Quality Control Center, Hunan Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Research Center, Hunan Global Fund designated hospital for free treatment of refractory (multi-drug-resistant) tuberculosis, Central South University Public Health and Preventive Medicine Teaching Base, Hunan Normal University Medical College Teaching Base, etc. It is the only one in the whole province. Official website address and related website resources of Hunan Tuberculosis Control Institute are as follows:





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