Company17zuoye is a top online education company for K12 schools in China that allows teachers to assign provincial …17zuoye is a top online education company for K12 schools in China that allows teachers to assign provincial standards-aligned digital activities to students. It has one of the most refreshing and innovative approaches to online learning in China, leveraging games to engage students and encourage better learning outcomes. 17zuoye is dedicated to providing intelligent education resources and services to teachers, students and parents. 17zuoye was launched in Oct 2011, and by June 2016, it covers over 20 million registered students in over 20,000 schools, and has completed Series D financing round of $100 million. 17zuoye offers a multi-platform homework solution that is in sync with the textbook curriculum and enhanced by big data analytics. 17zuoye provides the teachers with good teaching tools and comprehensive statistics, the students with interesting learning apps and individualized adaptive learning content, and the parents with immediate study reports. 17zuoye also acts as a social network for these users, having the largest real-name based online teachers’ forum and Wechat parent’s community in the country. Users can communicate, learn and grow in a loving environment. 17zuoye’s product philosophy is ‘easy teaching, happy learning’, and its mission is to ‘make learning beautiful’. 17zuoye works with a range of global partners from the USA, UK, Japan, Korea and other countries closely, helps them localize their education resources for the Chinese market, and promotes their content to the users. 17zuoye aims to provide equal access to education for all the students, so that they can enjoy education of the best quality internationally. LinkedIn

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founders: Dun Xiao · Liu Chang
  • Subsidiary: Kuailexue


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